• I would like to present here the stories about «the meetings» of apprentices with the Master, about «the Way» to the existentialism; the stories which are live and spontaneous, dramatic and inspired in its essence. You see, most specialists (who work nowadays at existentially-humanistic methods) approached this field not by chance. In most cases they choose it consciously; their spiritual and individual way is full of difficulties and creativity. I find it interesting to show this energetic and appealing method, its main points; a special style, which marks the lives of those who made up their minds to follow the method. However, it was rather hard for me to find enough information on the topic. So this fact helped me to write the following review of 30 years of development of existentially-humanistic psychology on the post-soviet area. // Andrewshin V.V.
  • In the paper "Existentialism and the Emergence, Growtn and Development of Existential Sociology" A.Melnikov and J. Johnson analyze the problem field of existentialism. Authors distinguish five basic themes in the formal literature of the existentialist perspective. They consider the influence of existentialist themes on the emergence and development of existentialist sociology in complex relations of various sociological approaches, such as phenomenological sociology, social constructivism, sociology of emotions, symbolic interactionism, and postmodernism. The development of the "exisential self" concept is analyzed briefly. // Johnson J., Melnikov A.


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